New Practice Assistant for Amazon Echo Delivers Key Data to Dentists & Veterinarians

We recently announced the Beta release of Practice Assistant last week. Practice Assistant is an Amazon Alexa Skills integration that allows Dentists and Veterinarians to access key practice data via the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot. With Practice Assistant, Retail Healthcare Professionals can get the information they need to make management decisions, track practice growth and run daily operations without having to take time away from clinical activities to check data in their practice management system.

The provider simply says, "Alexa, open my practice" which activates the Echo device and connects it to Sikka's Platform Cloud. The cloud is HIPAA and HITECH compliant and is compatible with 96% of practice management systems on the market.

Practice Assistant shares the following data with providers:

Performance Metrics: Get ready for the day with Morning Meeting Report, a comprehensive overview of the practice that facilitates dentists and veterinarians in planning for a successful day. Providers can also ask Alexa for important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to track financial and clinical practice health. With Practice Assistant, providers can hear their accounts receivable balance, month–to–date production and scheduled production for the month, among other important metrics.

Schedule: With Practice Assistant, providers can access their daily schedule, including total number of remaining appoints, and the time of first, last and next appointments. Practice Assistant also provides key data on the patient population, including pending treatment plans, new patients, inactive patients and patients seen month–to–date.  

Vijay Sikka, CEO of Sikka Software

"Practice Assistant represents the next phase of Artificial Intelligence for retail healthcare professionals. Dentists and Veterinarians can now ask their Echo device for all the information they need to run their practice smoothly and efficiently without looking at a screen or opening their practice management system."

The Practice Assistant Skill is now available for purchase at Simply sign up for Practice Assistant, only $35 each month, to activate your Amazon Echo product. You can also find out more about this amazing new resource.


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