1) Login to your Practice Optimizer account and click the 'Setting' icon (Gear) which is on the upper right-hand corner

2) A drop-down window will appear, Click on 'Settings'


3) This will open new window:

Select the 'Procedure Category' to Add or Edit Categories

4) A new window will appear, select 'Add New Category'

5) Select the Procedure Codes from left panel and add them to right panel, as shown below

6) Enter the Category Name and click on the 'Save' button

7) After a successful addition to Procedure Category,   Practice Optimizer will show the following message in the box:

A. Select Yes, if you want to show the Procedure Category to Other Users

B. Select No, if you want to hide the Procedure Category from Other Users

How to see the result of a Custom Category:

See the Custom Category results by using a KPI

1) Select the 'Clinical' Tab

2) Select 'Customize Procedure Analysis' which is located on the bottom left panel

3) Select '+ Customize Procedure Analysis' to expand Customize Procedure Analysis List

4) Select 'Demo Procedure Category'

 5) Select the date rage for what you want to see in Terms of Result after the KPI Graph is generated, select 'Go'

See the Custom Category Report Results by using the Report Tab

1) Select the 'Reports' Tab

2) Select the 'Clinical Reports' from left hand side of the screen

3) Select "Customize Procedure Analysis", this will open the Customize Procedure Analysis window on left panel

4) Select the 'Customize Procedure Analysis' to expand Customize Procedure Analysis List

5) Select the 'Customize Procedure Category' from left panel

6) Add it to right panel >

7) Select the 'Show' button to see report

8) Set the date range and click on the 'Go" button to generate the report. Change date range as needed, download and save report for future reference