Go ahead and open up your Practice Optimizer account. Go to the navigation bar on the left hand side, and click KPIs, Veterinarian KPIs.

Change the date range to Last Month (you can change the date range in the upper top right hand corner) to track your previous month's performance. This will change the date range for all of the Veterinarian KPIs.


View the Appointments By Veterinarian KPI.

This KPI with show you how many appointments each of your mapped providers have for any specified date range. You can check how well you're part time, and full time veterinarians stack up on appointments.


Next View Providers Gross Production KPI. 

You track how well a provider is recommending additional care, or the best treatment options for the patient.

Next view Average Charge per Patient by Veterinarian.

You can track the average charge of each of your mapped providers. This KPI works well with the Providers Gross Production KPI and Appointments By Veterinarian KPI on evaluating your providers performance for the practice.


You can now use this 3 provider KPIs effectively to spot a provider gap in your practice.