1. Patients Now: Included with GPS Navigator is the ability to fill holes in the appointment book daily, weekly, and in advance - as well as marketing to patients in need of care instantly using text and email functionality. Full customization of patient lists based on procedure code, date of service, and patient demographics. Have patient responses from texts and emails forwarded to a specific email address in your practice, also track campaign performance in a single dashboard.
  2. Sikka Tracker Report: Included in GPS Navigator is the ability to track performance towards specific goals for every key performance indicator a practice or provider could want in a daily, weekly, monthly and annual format. This report can be sent to you automatically at your scheduled intervals.
  3. Production Per Hour, Per Day, and Per Visit for DDS & Hygiene Departments: Included in GPS Navigator are dashboard graphs that visualize how production is going compared to your set goals and our national benchmarks. This can be customized based on your working schedule and active providers.
  4. Fee Optimizer: Included in GPS Navigator is the ability to analyze your UCR fee schedule, and give your practice key insights into making the best decisions in setting your fees. We give you recommendations based on your practice data as well as the data in your region for each procedure you perform. We even consider adjustments in the totals, and show you the revenue impact each fee represents to your practice. For "in network" practices, using the PPO Comparison Report in conjunction with Fee Optimizer will give you the tools you need to make the best decisions for making your practice more profitable. Click here for more info on Fee Optimizer.
  5. Smarter Marketing: Included in GPS Navigator are dashboard graphs and reports: Patients by City, New Patients By Age Group, Patients Referral Analysis, and our Referral Source Report that will enable the practice to optimize their marketing budgets and highlight their best patients, demographics, and referral sources.
  6. Text Alerts: Included in GPS Navigator is the ability to set up text alerts for certain key performance indicators daily to any mobile device with a data plan. Receive valuable info like Production Totals, Collection Totals, and New Patients, monitoring your practice performance on the go.
  7. Hygienist Morning Meeting Report: Included in GPS Navigator is a daily huddle report designed specifically for your Hygiene department. Track reappointment rates, available hours, pending treatment, patients due for hygiene, and overall hygiene performance. A key part of every practice is optimizing your Hygiene department's profitability.
  8. Remaining Insurance Coverage: Included in GPS Navigator is a dashboard graph that will visualize the profit potential your practice has in remaining insurance benefits. This one will allow you to pull lists of patients based on how much remaining benefits they have left for the year, which you can use in your marketing campaigns, including Patients Now that matches this to patients with pending treatment - which is also included in GPS Navigator (mentioned above).