Practice Optimizer allows you to automatically send reports to anyone with a valid email address on a daily, weekly, or monthly delivery schedule. You can set up your email reports by selecting Settings in the dark grey nav menu on the left and choosing "Manage Email Reports". 


If you’re not receiving any reports in your email on their schedule delivery times:

  • There is a 24 hour window for the newly setup reports to start - this only applies to emails that were just set up to be sent. Please give the system 24 hours for the first reports to start being delivered.

Working Schedule Settings

  • Review your practice working schedule settings by selecting Settings in the dark grey nav menu on the left and choosing "Working Schedule". Select Pract - Practice from the Providers list. Verify the days and times are correct for the weekly schedule.

Manage Email Reports

  • Review your email report settings by selecting Settings in the dark grey nav menu on the left and choosing "Manage Email Reports". Click on the email address in question (and make sure it's entered accurately). Ensure your reports have been added and set up correctly.

Rules, Filters, Trash, and Spam (Junk)

  • Email clients have automation that can be configured. For example Microsoft Outlook has "Rules" and Gmail has "Filters". These can be used to move incoming email from one folder to another, or delete it. The customer may need to check folders other than their Inbox to find a report that was sent to them. Rules and Filters are generally based off of the sender or key words in the subject line. An unrelated rule or filter may be applied to the email reports by mistake. If the customer is using Rules or Filter encourage them to check all folder including spam and trash.

  • There’s a chance the emails could be in your spam (or junk) folder.

  • If you're using Microsoft Outlook, you should check your original email service provider account (Google Gmail, Hotmail, etc) also and check that spam (or junk) folder as well. Check your spam (or junk) folders.

  • If you see your reports went to spam (or junk), make sure to allow emails like this.

Add Sikka As a Contact

  • Email sent from Practice Optimizer can sometimes experience a delivery issue with some email providers. From our end, the report will appear to have sent but the customer will never have received it. In these cases have the customer add as a contact in their email client. If everything else is verified and working as intended, you should now receive the report normally starting tomorrow.

Data Refresh

  • Check the Last Refresh Date indicator in Practice Optimizer near the top of the screen. Green means your refresh is current, and this is not the problem. Red means your system hasn’t refreshed within the last 24 hours, and there’s a good chance this is why you have not received your reports. To refresh your data, click the Last Refresh Date indicator. Once the window opens up, scroll to the right and use “Click To Refresh”. Your data should refresh in the next 1 hour, and you should start receiving your reports again the next day.


  • If the utility is configured to refresh before 12:00am local lime for the customer, reports will not be delivered the following morning. The report mailer interprets the last refresh to be from the previous day and will not generate the report as it is assumed the data for the current day is not available.

  • If the utility is installed on a front desk workstation, the PC may be turned off at night or over the weekend. The next time the PC is turned on our utility will automatically start a data refresh. When the refresh is completed the report mailer will attempt to send scheduled reports. This may be later in the morning then the reports are regularly sent. 

Practice Management Software Update

  • If you recently updated your practice management software, you may need to contact Customer Success to reconfigure our installed utility so the data refresh is current.

Server Replacement or Update

  • If you recently upgraded your server or office computers, you may need to contact Customer Success to reinstall (or reconfigure) our installed utility so the data refresh is current.