You can save a few hours of costly time every week/month getting practice level data in a report.


You can save time/money in the following ways:


1. Quickly change your date range for KPIs in seconds with a few easy clicks. You don't have to wait for reports to generate, or back out of an already selected report to change the date range for comparison like in Avimark.

(e.i, comparing quarterly reports from last year; comparing monthly reports from last year)


2. Graphical views of data. You can quickly & clearly assess key performance indicators visually when analyzing goals, victories, and opportunities for improvement.


3. New Patients & New Clients are reported in a graph and a trend for each month in your selected date range. You can't get that out in Avimark using the Snapshot view because it only shows the total in a single bar graph for the selected date range.  


4. Export to Excel from Optimizer Classic easily by clicking on "Export" and selecting what type of file output (PDF, CSV). This has to be manually done by exporting data out of Avimark and then entering it into an Excel spreadsheet. 


5. Setting goals for your practice. You can set goals for several key performance indicators and measure your progress using Optimizer Classic reports like the Morning Meeting Report and several KPIs.


6. Automatic email and text alerts on your practice's key performance indicators. Get the info you want for your practice delivered weight to your inbox or phone without even lifting a finger. 


7. Cloud based app so you don't need to actually be at the practice to get the information you need.