Practice GPS Navigator allows Practice staff to receive reports directly to their email addresses without needing to have a Practice GPS Navigator user name and login. When reports are emailed to each staff member, a password will be required to access the report (s) to follow HIPAA guidelines.


Step 1: Click on Settings



Step 2: Click on Manage Email Reports 



Step 3: Click on Add New Recipient 



Step 4: Enter Required Information 

  • Type in Name

  • Email Address

  • Password to access/open report once it has been sent to your email address. (HIPAA component)

  • Click Next 


Step 5: Click on Report (s) you wish to Receive


  • Click Next


 Step 6: Select Formatting and Frequency



For each report selected:

  • Choose Format you wish to receive Report: either PDF (default) or Excel

  • Choose Frequency of Report. Depending on the actual report some are Daily Reports, Weekly Reports, and Monthly Reports. (See List at end of document to determine)

  • Choose Send Day (if applicable to report) if not will default to none for daily

  • Choose Date Range options consist of Current Day, Last Working Day, and Next Working Day (it will pull data on that specific date range into report)

  • Once completed, click Save


Additional information:

To review what reports are being sent out to user, or if you wish to add additional reports to your email – click on # of reports in Green.  

Screen will take you back and now you can either add new report   or delete report from receiving by clicking X next to report

List of Reports:

Daily Reports:

  • Morning Meeting Lite

  • Hygienist Morning Meeting Report

  • Morning Meeting Report

Weekly reports:

  • Sikka Tracker Report

Monthly Reports:

  • Administrator Report

  • Trend Analysis

  • Detailed Trend Analysis

  • Sikka Patient Value Report

  • Monthly Practice Details

Yearly Reports:

  • Yearly New Patients

  • Yearly Active Patients

  • Yearly Adjusted Production & Collection

Business Reports:

Note: Current Month to Date 

  • Success Report

  • Referral Source Report

  • Adjusted Collection by Provider

  • OFC Adjusted Production vs. Collection Tracker ( Includes Previous years breakdown for each month for comparison)

  • Production by CDT Categories

  • Practice Monitor Report

  • Daily Board Provider Production

  • My Profile Comparison Report

  • Unsubmitted Insurance Claims

  • Insurance Patient Analysis

  • Sikka ROI Report

Forecasting Reports:

  • Potential Report (one year to date report example 4/5/2016 to 4/5/2017)

  • PPO Comparison Report – Current month to date

Provider Reports: 

Note: Current Month to Date 

  • Adjusted Production by Provider

  • Procedure by Provider

  • No Shows by Provider

  • New Patients by Provider

  • Appointments by Provider