Sikka API user's challenge  :

Some of the fields below we are already capturing directly from the user. I’m including them because there are scenarios where the veterinarian pushes our mobile app to the guarantor and we’d prefer to auto populate as much data as possible from the existing data within the veterinary practice management software….but I’m having difficulties figuring out how this would all work programmatically.



  •      Firstname

  •      Birthdate

  •      Status – what are the possible results here? Active, deceased, inactive? Are these normalized across platforms?

  •  Sikka API :we are extracting data from PIMS and returning in API. That's why status value can be different based on PIMS

  •      Address(es)

  •      Phone(2)

  •      Email

  •      Breed – is there a common breed list somewhere?

  • Sikka API : No there is not. check veterinary_patient , you will find breed info there​

  •      Color

  • Sikka API: User our veterinary_patient API. It has color information

  •      Age – we calculate based on birthdate but would probably need this field in case the guarantors do not know it?

  • Sikka API: Use our veterinary_patient API for pet age information.

  •      Species – we just want dogs. I suspect we’d use this field to drop patients from guarantors that have both cats and dogs?

  • Sikka API: Use our veterinary_patient API for species information.​​

  •      Microchip

  •  Sikka API : Use our veterinary_patient API. It has microchip information

  •      Rabies – I’m assuming this is a date? When the vaccination was given or when it is next due? How would we discover other vaccinations like distemper or parvovirus?

  • Sikka API: No this is not date.​ it is rabies tag

  •      Feed & Diet – are these fields populated commonly? We are capturing this data from our app already but thinking about possible discrepancies.

  • Sikka API : No they are different fields . You can see it in "veterinary_patients" API. here is some sample for Diet values i.e Owner monitoring Blood Glucose at home every few weeks.,                                                       Y form scanned 8-21-08,                                                                                                       Y Form is in file 8-21-08,                                                                                                       Vx Hx Unknown,                                                                                                                 On Phenobarb,                                                                                                                     Y scanned copy 8-21-08,                                                                                                       Need Vx Hx in CPU

  •      Weight/Weight type – we capture this data ourselves too. We actually ask guarantors to weigh their dog monthly via the app…not sure we can use it but suspect you capture the most recent weight at the last time of visit? Wonder if we could use it from that perspective because all our weight measurements are tagged with a date too.

  • Sikka API : ​It depends on when they have entered these values in PIMS.​

  •      Patient note/Medical note/Alert note – are these fields populated often? What kind of data would/do they hold?

  • Sikka API :   ​No. These fields are not related to veterinary practices. There is "Pet Alert" field in veterinary_patients API.

​  ​Guarantor

  •      We just need contact info here….looks like most of this is already embedded in the patient data?

  • Sikka API : ​​Patient API will contain pet info. I would suggest to use guarantor API in case of veterinary as they are the pet owner and you will get pet owner info from "guarantor" API 


General Medical Conditions

  •      Where would we find general medical conditions, allergies, etc… Think about it like this….if somebody that doesn’t know anything about your dog is going to care for them for a week….what commonly used data/fields are available to provide guidance?

  • Sikka API :​check pet alert in veterinary patients API​