Our primary customer is the practice as they "own" the data in their practice management system and they must agree to us accessing their data. The access and charging can happen through multiple paths as you will have some practices that are already on the platform and just have to approve your application and others that do not yet have the platform installed and also must install and approve your application.

1. A customer wants their pet's medical information downloaded to your app from their vet:  They agree to your EULA, send a request to their vet to download a  free app, eg practice monitor, and the vet agrees to our EULA.  You pay Sikka an install and monthly fee, the vet does not pay.  You need to determine what to charge the customer if anything.

2. Vet purchases and downloads a Sikka app such as Optimizer Classic that they pay for, they have a free app inside Optimizer Classic that they just click on your application once they receive a request from a client approving the release of their information and they agree to release info to your application.  The vet is paying for Optimizer Classic, you are paying Sikka when the vet downloads the app -install.