Welcome to Optimizer Classic Starter Edition. Optimizer Classic brings advanced data analytics to your practice through a simple interface right from your web browser via any computer, tablet or mobile device. There is no charge for Optimizer Classic Starter Edition.

To get started, visit this URL: https://po.sikkasoft.com

To access Optimizer Classic, log in with the username and password created during the registration process.

Optimizer Classic is ready to use with little or no setup required. Optimizer Classic has many features to help “optimize” your practice. This document gives you an overview of the features in Optimizer Classic, and Sikka Software is ready to provide “1 on 1” assistance to any staff member at the practice to ensure you are maximizing its potential.

Optimizer Classic Starter Feature Summary

KPIs: Optimizer Classic’s KPIs give you unique views of your data that lead to action items to drive increased revenue and save valuable practice time. With Optimizer Classic KPIs you can easily “drill down” to detailed views of the specific information that makes up the KPI, such as the actual patients or procedures.

Reports: Reports such as the Practice Monitor Report provide valuable insights in a single place not found in your standard practice software.

Here is an overview of KPIs included in Optimizer Classic  Starter:

1. Dentists - Dentists Production Analysis: This KPI displays your dentist production per day, visit, or per hour according to provider working days setup. This KPI also allows you to compare each of these values to your preset goals.

2. Hygiene - Hygiene Production Analysis: The Hygiene KPIs analyze your hygiene production in detail showing the same categories as the dentist production KPI.

The Practice Monitor Report is also included with Optimizer Classic Starter, which can be viewed or automatically emailed to the email addresses you set up.

Setting up Optimizer Classic

Minimal setup is required to get the most out of Optimizer Classic. The following goes over some of the recommended setup steps.

  • Click on Settings - select Provider Mapping, make sure all active providers have been selected, click Save on bottom right.

  • Go to Patient Settings – using drop down, define duration of inactive patient. This is a patient that has not had any transactions during this specified time.

  • Select New Patient Criteria – this is how a New Patient will be tracked in your practice for reporting in Optimizer Classic.