NOTE: If you are using Dentrix 16.2 or a later version, please also review this article.

  •  Once the install begins, you'll be asked enter your Username or Email ID and Password (which were created when registering a moment ago) and click the "Login" button.


  • The Sikka Platform Cloud utility will most likely auto-detect the Data Path for your practice management software. It's best to double check that this is the correct path by clicking the "Edit" button under the Practice Management System Configuration box (on the left).

  • The Financial System Configuration is not necessary to run Practice Optimizer Starter edition. It can be integrated into Practice Optimizer Premium edition, and will enable you to view key performance indicators from both your Quickbooks data


  • It's always best to verify your practice management system (PMS) info - including PMS Username and PMS Password. If you need help finding the correct data path, click the help link How do I find data path of…? to open our online guide on how to do this. Click on the "Select" button (bottom right) to proceed.


  • Choose the folder where you would like the Sikka Platform Cloud utility to be installed. The default path will already be listed. Click the "Browse" button to select a different path.

  • You'll be alerted if there is not sufficient disk space left on the default install path. 1GB is required for the SPC utility to run.

  • Click the "Install" button to begin the installation.


  • The installation process will run by itself for the next few minutes.


  • Once the SPC is installed, the wizard will ask to perform the initial data refresh now or delay the refresh until after regular business hours.

  • If installation is being performed during a slow time or off hours, it is generally acceptable to refresh immediately after installation. If it is in the middle of a busy day at the practice, you will want to delay refresh until after hours.

  • By default the after hours refresh time is set for 2:00am local time to account for any practice management software backup processes have run.

  • Click OK once the software has installed successfully.


  • After the initial data refresh, you can open the utility by using the Sikka icon on your desktop and verify the Refreshed and Synchronized dates are current, and that all indicators are checked green.


If you need any assistance at any time during the registration or the install feel free to call

866-856-7119 (Option 2 for Customer Success)

or live chat with one our Customer Success agents, or submit a support request (above on this site).