To open the Error.Log file:

  • Locate the SikkaSoft Platform Cloud (SPC) utility icon on the Desktop
  • Right-click on the icon
  • From the Context menu select "Open File Location" for Windows Vista and later, or "Properties" for Windows XP and earlier.

 Vista or later:

XP and earlier:


  • Then click the "Open File Location" button


  • Next, locate the "Logs" Folder. Double-click on the "Logs" folder


  • Double-click on the Error.Log file to open it


Some features are not activated by default. Below is an example of errors printed in the log related to a feature that is not active for the account. This is normal and does not indicate a problem, or need any troubleshooting.



After data is extracted from the Practice Management System (PMS), it is stored in a local database file before it is uploaded to our Cloud. The following errors are an example of a column being added to that local database file that already exists. This does not indicate a problem and does not impact the data refresh.



Other errors may appear in the log and could indicate a problem with the refresh. Check for related Knowledge Base articles for a solution. If none are available, contact support.