Q: I don't want my customers involved, or involved as little as possible, during the installation process - but with the Marketplace, I'll need them to install an app on their personal phone in order to complete it.

A: True. In particular, this is because the customer is installing both your app and our Sikka utility to successfully integrate with their practice management software. This helps both of our companies keep the liabilities to a minimum.


Q: I don't want my customers to have to download an app on their personal phones to complete the installation.


A: This is a free app used for two-factor authentication (similar to what Google and Bank of America are using for security).    

Q: I don't want my customer installing an app that markets my competitor's services next to my own.

A: Sikka Marketplace works both ways - customers who aren't yet your customers are also able to see your services in the marketplace.  Your competitors are not going to be shown on the main wall if you brought these customers. 


Q: I don't want to make the onboarding of my customers more complex and confusing. I want the process to be easier and simpler - adding another mobile app to the mix. Won't this hurt that experience?


For security reasons - since we live in a complex healthcare environment with lots of laws - it is important that we do this to protect both of our companies.


Q: You get another app download, what do I get out of the deal?

You get secure video and picture capability to help you retain more patients.  In addition, it has Fee Analyzer which is a free fee schedule by zip code plus it has the ability to show you the schedule and if a patient is going to be late 


Q: How many customers are on the marketplace or have the app today? Why is it useful to me?


We have 1,600 installs of the mobilizer.  The usage is 39% new and 61% repeat.  Patients are communicating more and more with video and audio messaging instead of postcards or emails or intrusive text messages. 


Q: Can my app/service be exclusive on Mobilizer (no competitors) to the customers I register?


This would require a very big market risk for us and will need a much higher dollar amount from you.  Our business model is a marketplace open to everyone.  Just like Birdeye, MyIntegrations, TekCollect, and others added thousands of practices and so can you. 


Q: How do I get paid after Sikka gets the money from the initial charge? And when? This is difficult for my revenue recognition... not every registration and install will be a signed customer yet?


You get paid every month at the end of the month automatically.  Remember this is for customers that also include recurring revenue and will help you lock in your customers with your app. 


Q: I don't want my customers going to your website (and seeing competitors) to sign up for my services. I have my own registration process, and just need you for the data.

That's okay as well and we allow both flows.  But remember that by being part of our marketplace you are exposing your services to our marketplace to 1,600 immediately and over 20,000 installations. That doesn't remove the fact that we still need to do the 2-factor authentication to help protect both of our companies.