1) Log in to your Practice Optimizer account. Please select  the 'Settings' icon which is on the upper right-hand corner of the screen

2) A drop down window will appear. Please select 'Settings'

3) This will open a new window:

     A.  To set Patient Settings: Select the Set Goals >>     Business >> Select Practice(s) in case of multi-practice accounts.

     B. Set Inactive patient definition (recommend from 9 months to 24 months, default is per ADA recommendation).

     C. Set New Patients Criteria with the following settings: Either One, Two or All.  Most commonly used is “By First Procedure Performed”.

     D. You can set a New Patient to be determined by a specific procedure code. You can also select multiple procedures to identify as a New Patient.

     E. You can select all conditions to determine new patient count.