*You may only change a specific user's settings by using a user ID with full administrative rights.*

Click on the gear icon in the upper right hand corner.

Select "My Account"

Choose "Manage Users" on the left menu.  A list of users will appear with their first name, last name, email address and the type of user.  To change the access to reports, click on the "access" button

A new window will appear with the location or locations your user has access to. You may limit or increase access to the reports and KPI's for the user by clicking on the "access" button.

When clicking on the "access" button to choose reports for your user, a new window will appear with different tabs listing the specific reports and KPI's.  If you would like your user to have access to all reports without having to go through each tab, you can check the box in the upper left corner of the window that says "select all service with full access".  If you would like your user to have access to only a few reports, you may choose those by checking the box beside the report title.  You may go through each tab and choose the reports your would like.  

When you are done choosing all of the reports for the user, please click the "save" button and close the window.