Provider Mapping

  1. From the Practice Optimizer Home Page, Go to the Global Search which is located above the Main Tabs and search for Adjusted Production by Provider

  2. Click on Adjusted Production by Provider (Business) Link

  1. Set the Date Range to include the past 18 months

  2. The right hand box will contain a list of Providers who have produced during that time (most likely this will be your Active Providers with Working Schedules)

  1. Use this list to ensure that only these Providers are checked in the Provider Mapping under Settings -> Mapping


Working Schedule

  1. In that same list you can click on each Providers name to see their trends on the bottom, as shown below in Yellow 

  1. Go to the drop down selection where it says 'Yearly' and change that to 'Daily'

  1. The days with No Production would be Days Not Worked. The days showing Production Values are Days Worked.

  2. Days Worked can be entered into the Working Schedule under Settings -> Working Scheduler. Click on each Provider to set their Days/Hours worked. It’s highly recommended to apply both Previous 12 Months and Next (Future) 12 Months for getting accurate reporting (this setting is located near the bottom). Make sure you save what you set up before exiting!