Signing Up

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Preparing for Launch Call

Your Customer Success Manager from Sikka Software will be scheduling a Launch call with you this week to walk you and your team through the Implementation process, gather more information about your practice, and set up training.  

For a quick and easy implementation experience, please have the following required user names and passwords ready for your Customer Success Manager:

  1. Practice Management System

  2. Windows

  3. Financial System (if integrating)

If you’re using a third party IT company, please have a contact name and number ready.


Establishing Remote Connection

We’ll need your assistance installing Team Viewer, a secure remote connection tool, on the server or designated workstation where the Practice Management Software resides. This will allow us to complete most of the installation remotely, and let you get back to your workday.

You may choose to install Team Viewer on your own. Follow this guide to do so: Installing Team Viewer

If you already have Team Viewer installed, have the Team Viewer ID and password ready for your Customer Success Manager.


Registering Online

You can choose to complete the registration & implementation on your own.

Go to and select “Practice Optimizer for Dental” tile:


  1. Click "Register"

  2. Determine whether you malready have a Sikka account (have the Sikka utility installed)

  3. Fill out the form or sign in with your username and password

  4. Click “Next”

  5. Click on the "Download SPC" link to begin and complete the self-guided implementation: 

  6. For any support requests visit us at:


Installing the Sikka Utility

We’ll be installing the Sikka Platform Cloud utility (SPC) remotely. The SPC utility runs on the server or designated workstation where the Practice Management Software resides.

The installation, setup, and initial data verification (if necessary) takes about 1 hour, however, you and your staff will only be needed for assistance at the beginning of the call for about 5 minutes. You may continue your workday through this time on any other computers in the network. Your Customer Success Manager will schedule access to your application, or the data will be available in about an hour for you to access using your username and password you created during registration at