1) Login to your Practice Optimizer account then select 'Setting' icon (Gear) which is in the upper right-hand corner

2) The drop down window will appear then select 'Settings'


Selection Defaults to Personnel [Dentist, Hygienist, Associate, Assistant] Mapping

1) Click the Mapping >> Personnel (Dentist, Hygienist …). This will show all Providers ever entered into the Practice Management Software

2) Select Active Providers (Recommendation: Map the Providers whom have left the Practice within the last 18-24 months for historical comparisons.) Select One-by-One and once all “Active Providers” are checked, click on 'Save' Or selecting the Suggestion List (this function will recommend Providers to be mapped) >> Select All >> Save button.

Proceed to Over The Counter Payment Types Mapping

1) Select the Mapping >> Over the Counter Payment Types. (This will show all payment types used in Practice)

2) Select Payment Types that are accepted at the time of service only which you want to track and click on 'Save' Or Select the 'Suggestion List' (this will recommend Over the Counter Payment Types, if they have been first setup in your Practice Management System) >> Select All >> Click Save button