1) Login to your Practice Optimizer account and select the 'Settings' icon (Gear), which is in the upper right-hand corner.

2) Under the drop down menu select 'Settings'.

3) This will open a new window. Go to 'Reports' Tab. Select 'Send by Email'.

 4) When the new window opens you will need to add your Email Address (or any other users email addresses you wish) to the text box. This is also known as New Email ID to send reports to. Select the 'Add' button.

5) Select the 'Business Reports' button to expand the Business Report List.

 6) Select Reports and add to the right panel by clicking > 'Right Arrow' button.7) The Practice Optimizer has suggested (Daily/Weekly/Yearly) settings. Please schedule as per your needs (Daily/Weekly/Yearly) with Date Range.8) Select the 'Save' button.9) If you chose 'Send Now' button you can send the email instantly. All other email reports will be sent as per Schedule Settings.

10) For enhanced security Practice Optimizer has a set password for the Scheduled Reports. By default, your login password is used as the report password. If you wish to use a different password for the reports , you can use 'Change Password' button.11) By selecting the 'Change Password' button a new window will appear. Provide the New Password, confirm New Password, and select the 'OK' button to save.

12) The 'Delete Scheduled Report' button is used to cancel schedule reports.

13) The 'Edit Scheduled Report' button is used to Add/Remove reports from Scheduled Reports.

14) If selected it will take you back to the Report Selection Page. Change which reports you would like to receive/not receive or change the schedule of the existing reports then click 'Save' or 'Send Now' button.