Go to https://po.sikkasoft.com and click on "I forgot my ID" and/or "I forgot my password".

Enter the email address used to register your Practice Optimizer user account account and click "Send Verification Code".

Note: Don't close the "I forgot my ID" window! Leave it open, you will need to finish the process in this window.

Check your email inbox for the verification code that was sent to you, then enter code in Step 2.

The Step 3 section will unlock, then enter a new User ID and/or Password click "Change User ID" or "Change Password".

You should receive a confirmation that your User ID and/or password has been updated successfully.

Sign in to Practice Optimizer using your new User ID and/or Password. 

Note: You can use this same process if you choose "I forgot my password" as well.

Note: If you receive an error message stating that you've been locked out of your account (you only get 5 tries before that happens), please contact our Customer Success team by Submit A Request (above). Or call 866-856-7119 (Option 2 for Customer Success).