We know that every dental practice is unique and most practices likely have unique methods of setting up thier financial system's chart of accounts. Financial/Accounting Mapping in Practice Optimizer Premium is an important setting where you can map your Chart of Accounts (from your financial system) to match your business reporting needs. This will give you the benefit of having accurate accounting info integrated alongside your practice management software info in Practice Optimizer's reports.

Chart of Accounts From Your Financial System

A Chart of Accounts is the list of business accounts from your financial system which are used to categorize the transactions entered into your financial system. These are typically used for tracking and monitoring how much money your company has, how much it owes, how much is coming in, and how much is going out.
Practice Optimizer's Financial/Accounting Mapping allows practices to classify accounts into categories (derived from the ADCPA Guidelines), and display statistical data according to your business needs, such as expenses, supplies, marketing, staff salaries, etc..

Getting to the Financial/Accounting Mapping Setting

  • Click on "Settings" in the navigation menu on the left


  • Select Financial Mapping in the selected drop down menu



Choosing a Mapping Category

In Practice Optimizer there are 10 categories a user can select for mapping accounts under. These come from the ADCPA Guidelines (attached to this article for your reference):

  • Other Income

  • Supplies Details

  • Support Details

  • Asset Expenses

  • Personnel Costs

  • Discretionary Costs

  • Owners Compensation

  • Other Expenses

  • Asset Details

  • Liabilities

Mapping these categories correctly will ensure your data is accurately shown in Practice Optimizer for each financial category.

Mapping An Account

  • Select the appropriate category from the "Mapping" list on the left.

  • Check the selection box for the "Chart Of Account Name" (or row)


  • Select the appropriate "Mapping Category" and "Profit Loss" options in their respective columns for the mapped "Chart Of Account Name row. The "Mapping Category" and "Profit Loss" columns are editable. When clicking on the column field, select one of the options provided in the drop down menu and it will fill the row with the selected value.


Note: The Chart Of Account Name and Chart Of Account Type are coming from your Quickbooks data, and can't be edited by the user inside Practice Optimizer.

It's very important to save your mapping changes by clicking the "Save" button before you edit another category, or exit the mapping screen. Otherwise, your edits/changes will be lost.


Filter by Suggestion List

You can choose to use a quick help tool called the Suggestion List for each category. Just click the Suggestion List link after selecting the category you want to map, and only the Chart Of Account items relevant to that category will appear as mapping options. It's based on a keyword and best practice logic.



Mapping Other Income

If your practice has other sources of practice revenue that aren't being recorded in their practice management system, they can check those items in Chart Of Account Name column that should be included as Other Income.

Be sure to choose the appropriate Mapping Category selection, and/or Profit Loss selection from the columns respective drop down menus.

Note: You can remove any record from mapping by un-checking the box in the Chart Of Accounts Name column. Save your updated changes before moving to the next screen.

Mapping Supplies Details

Supplies Details include: Dental Supplies, Office Supplies, Lab Supplies, Equipment Supplies (the purchase of minor equipment classified as supplies), Auto Supplies, Computer Supplies, Medical Supplies, Laundry Supplies (uniforms), and repair & maintenance parts and supplies (cleaning supplies, light bulbs, small tools, etc.). All items purchased for sales patients, regardless of the cost or nature of the purchase should be included in this category.


Mapping Support Details

Mapping Asset Expenses

Mapping Personnel Costs

Mapping Discretionary Costs

Mapping Owners Compensation

Mapping Other Expenses

Mapping Asset Details

Mapping Liabilities

Expenses in Morning Meeting Report


See attached ADCPA guidelines for the recommended Financial Mapping Categories.

  • Dentist, Hygienist, Associate and Assistant

    • Dentist

      • Owner, main dentist

      • Partners should be mapped as Dentist as well since they are Co-Owners

    • Hygienist

    • Associate

      • Dentists who are not Owners or Partners

    • Assistant

      • They should be mapped even if there is no production linked to them

      • There are certain codes that they share with the Dentist as well as operatory time

    • Also if the FS is available, it is important to map the employee names from the FS

  • Over The Counter Payment Types

    • These should be payments received after services are rendered on that day

      • Cash

      • Check

      • Charge

      • Debit card

      • Care credit type plans

  • Supplies Details

    • PO Categories are:

      • Auto Supplies

      • Computer Supplies

      • Dental Supplies

      • Equipment Supplies

      • Lab Supplies (NOT lab costs)

      • Laundry Supplies

      • Office Supplies

      • Other Supplies

    • Profit and Loss Categories

      • Variable Costs

        • Dental Supplies

        • Lab Supplies

      • Business Expense

        • All other supplies

  • Support Details

    • PO Categories are:

      • Accounting  Services

      • Business Promotion

      • Computer Support

      • Continuing Education

      • Legal Services

      • Marketing

      • Memberships & Dues

      • Outside Labs

      • Professional Services

      • Payroll Service

      • Safety Compliance

      • Subscriptions

      • Telephone Service

      • Utilities

    • Profit and Loss Categories are:

      • Variable Costs

        • Outside Labs

      • Business Expense

        • All others

      • Discretionary Costs

        • Some CE, Dues and Subscriptions may be included

  • Asset Expenses

    • PO Categories are:

      • Amortization Expense

      • Auto Expense

      • Bank Charges

      • Building Expenses

      • CC Charges

      • Computer Expense

      • Depreciation Expense

      • Depreciation of Equipment

      • Equipment Expenses

      • Equipment Interest Costs

      • Equipment Rent

      • Insurance Expense

      • Interest Expense

      • Maintenance Services

      • Office Rent

      • Real Estate Taxes

      • Rent

      • Repair Expense

      • Taxes

    • Profit and Loss Categories are:

      • Facility and Equipment Costs

        • All Equipment Expenses

        • Office Rent

        • Dental practice purchase amortization costs

        • Interest Expenses

      • Discretionary Costs

        • Auto Expense

      • Personnel Costs

        • Employee Health Insurance

        • Pension Plan Contributions

      • Business Expenses

        • All Others

  • Asset Details

    • PO Categories are:

      • Bank

      • Computer Equipment

      • Dental Equipment

      • Furniture and Fixtures

      • Employee Advances

      • Leasehold Improvements

      • Prepaid Expenses

      • Prepaid Taxes

      • Automobile

      • Art

      • Accumulated Depreciation

      • A/D – Auto

      • A/D – Computer Equipment

      • A/D – Furniture and Fixtures

      • A/D – Dental Equipment

      • A/D – Leasehold Improvements

    • Profit and Loss Categories are:

      • Facility and Equipment Costs

        • Computer Equipment

        • Dental Equipment

        • A/D – Computer Equipment

        • A/D – Dental Equipment

      • Discretionary Costs

        • Business portion of auto costs

      • Business Expenses

        • All others

  • Salaries Details

    • PO Categories are:

      • Staff Salary

      • Assistant Salary

      • Hygienist Salary

      • Associate Salary (Should be mapped in Owners Compensation)

      • Dentist Salary (Should be mapped in Owners Compensation)

      • Other Salary

      • Staff Bonus

      • Assistant Bonus

      • Hygienist Bonus

      • Associate Bonus (Should be mapped in Owners Compensation)

      • Dentist Bonus (Should be mapped in Owners Compensation)

      • Other Bonus

      • Labor Services (Temporary Hygienist, Assistants, etc)

      • Payroll Taxes

      • Payroll Insurance (Workers’ Comp)

      • Payroll Liabilities

      • Pension Expense

  • Other Income Details

    • PO Categories are:

      • Consultation

      • Discounts Earned

      • Gain on Disposal

      • Instructional Fees

      • Interest Income

      • Miscellaneous Income

  • Discretionary Costs

    • PO Categories are:

      • Automobile Costs

      • Charitable Contributions

      • Gifts

      • Life and Disability Insurance 

      • Travel and Entertainment

  • Owners Compensation

    • PO Categories are:

      • Associate Compensation

      • Dentist Compensation

      • Family Compensation

      • Retirement Plan 

  • Other Expenses

    • PO Categories are:

      • Other Expenses

        • All other accounts that were not mapped

(Rev 2/25/2016 ab1)

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