Customize Emailed Reports

Customize the Morning Meeting Report. 

Add or remove any section at any time.

Customize the Hyg Morning Meeting Report.

Add or remove any section at any time.

Manage Emailed Reports

Add email recipients, choose or update passcodes, see or update amount of reports, update frequency, and edit email template:

Over The Counter Payments

Please only select Payments that are made at the time of the Appointment, remove any insurance or online bill payments. We recommend if possible to have the Practice even break out the Check and CC Payments into Check Over the Counter and Check Mailed-In as an example. That way if the Practice really wants to know their true over the counter this will show.

Patient Settings (Inactive and New Patients)

We recommend doing 18 months for Inactive Patients but you are welcome to select 12-30 months also Select New Patient Criteria you can use an exact Procedure if needed.

Practice Set Up

Add in Operatories and Practice Type:

Provider Mapping

Make sure that ALL Providers that post production are Mapped and the Provider Type is selected:

Working Schedule


Make sure that each provider working hours are input individually, make sure it shows Independent from PMS as not all sync with PMS and not all Practices use their scheduler. Also make sure to put in the Practice hours as well.