Sikka Utility (SU) should run, automatically, and refresh the data to Sikka cloud server at least once in a day. 

Sikka Utility has 'Service Schedule' section where end users can set the frequency for SU. If Sikka utility is not running automatically at mentioned frequency then follow below mentioned steps to troubleshoot the issue. 

1.  Open Sikka Utility and check Settings --> Scheduling --> Service Schedule section. 

2.  Check your set frequency is not conflicting with 'Do not refresh data between....' settings. (Default run time = 2 AM, daily)

3.  In Sikka Utility go to Settings --> Data Path and make sure end user have entered correct practice management system (pms) details along with pms username and password.

4.  In Sikka Utility go to Settings --> Service Settings and make sure end user has entered correct Windows operating system username and password (Windows login details). 

5.  In the utility go to Updates and check for live updates.

6.  Open Windows Task Manager --> Process; make sure SSCservice.exe and SSCWindowsService.exe are running. If not, go to Sikka application folder (Sikka utility installation folder) and run these two files). 

Now at the computer system level few steps need to verify.

1.  The computer should not be turned off during Sikka Utility running time. The computer should be online, connected to the Internet.

2.  Some times anti-virus programs blocks Sikka Utility's operations. End user should add "SSC" (Sikka application path) folder into the anti-virus "white-list". 

3.  Practice management app and pms database should be accessible to the utility all the time.

You can review Sikka log files by opening Sikka Utility and clicking on ''View Logs" from left hand side panel. 

Open Access.log and error.log files and go through the latest entries, generally found at the bottom of the file contents. 

If you are still facing challenges then feel free to contact and open a support ticket. 

Article drafted and published by Nilesh Pathak