Selecting and deselecting practice locations through Sikka’s API Portal is a simple but vital step in our flow. This functionality gives our partner complete control over the number of locations so that billing is accurate. Sikka charges our partners for every selected location, and it is to the partner to manage these. 

This step-by-step guide instructs and educates on how to select locations and deselect locations. **If a location is selected it will be charged for. Sikka team does not inactivate locations for the partner

Section 1 Selecting Locations: Describes how to activate locations. Activated locations will show on your invoice

Section 2 Deselecting Locations: Describes how to inactivate locations so that you will not be billed

Selecting Locations

  1. Log in to Sikka’s API Portal ( using your account credentials.

  2. Once logged in, scroll down your dashboard. You will be able to view your “Customer List” that will populate a list of practices that have registered for your product and have installed the Sikka Platform Utility. 

Details such as the practice’s master customer ID, practice name, registered email, and number of practice locations will be visible in this section

Ease search by using the filter. Click the funnel icon and search for the practice.

  1. Once you have located the practice that you would like to turn on, direct to column “Practice Location Access,” click “Update.”

The following pop- in  will appear with the practice location information. 

  1. Click the empty box to the left of the desired location that you would like to turn on. A Red checkmark will appear. 

Select “Save” at the bottom right of the window after the location has been marked. Once this is completed, you will have API access to the location and will be charged for the location.

  1. If there is a practice that has multi-locations, the pop-up will display the following. In these cases, you will first need to align the Billing Practices by selecting the drop down menu and aligning each location with the appropriate Billing Practice. 

  2. Once the Billing practices have been aligned, select the locations that you would like to turn on, and click on “Save.”

Deselecting Locations

Inversely, if you would like to turn off a location, the instructions below will help. 

  1. Simply locate the account in the API portal. Click “Update” under column “Practice Location Access” for that location. 

In the pop-in window it will show all the locations for that particular practice. 

  1. Click to deselect the location that you would no longer need API access for. Once you do this, the column “Status”” will show a Red “X” indication.  If the status API Access column shows an option “DENY”, you will need to click this to completely deactivate that account. 

    A pop-in will appear once you click “DENY” and you will be required to add a reason before you confirm the deactivation. Then click “Submit”.

**If all locations are deselected for a practice and would not like to be billed, confirm that you have denied access and inactivated. If the “API Access” column still shows “DENY” the account will show active on our end so you will need to click the “DENY” to inactivate. 

In completing this 2-step action, the location will no longer be charged. 

Note: You will not have any API access to the location that you have deselected