Here's how you can invite patients in Patient Home Page when you have an open slots on your daily schedule.


Go to and enter your credential information. Once you are logged into the program, click on 'Invite Patients'.


You can choose to 'Send a Test Email' first to see preview or if not, click on 'Filter Patients'. Add a Subject line, click on 'Select Patient (s), edit the message template then 'Select a Date' when you wanted to send your email. 

You can click on 'Show Message Preview' to review your Template before sending to Patient (s). Patients also can create their own Patient Home Page with a presented  link below. 

Once you have completed editing the template, click on 'Generate Patients list'. 

Now, go ahead and click on 'Send'. You will received a confirmation that 'you want to apply these settings to selected patients?'. Click on 'Yes'.

You will received a message 'Your message submitted to message queue!'. Click on 'OK'.


To review Invites that was sent out. Click on 'Sent Mail'.


You can click on the 'Subject line' to preview what the message appears on the patient (s) side.


You can view Patient (s) who confirmed their invite by clicking back to 'Home' button. You can see a quick overview at a glance from the main dashboard or you can click on 'Inbox'.