He're how to setup a Campaign in Patient Home Page.


Login to Patient Home Page (https://patienthomepage.sikkasoft.com) with your credential information. 


Click on your Email Address on the right top corner of the page then click on 'Settings'.

Click on 'Campaign Tab'.

Click on 'Create New Campaign'.

Complete Steps 1 to 3 to Create a Campaign. Name a Campaign then select Campaign Type.

Edit the 'Subject' Line, select the 'Message Type' and 'Select a Template'. You can have a choice of our library of templates or upload a template of your choice then click 'Next'.


Make sure you have the correct Practice Type. Select Patient Status, Gender,Birthday can be specific of your choice depending on the type of Campaign you're creating then click on 'Generate Patient List'. A list of patients will be presented to you.  Once you made your selection, click on 'Next'. 

List of Patients will be generated, click 'Next'. 

Attached/Upload a file (File size should not exceed 4MB). Select the Communication method, Schedule Type then click on 'Finish'. 

You will get message that says 'Settings saved'. Click on 'OK'.

You now be able to see the campaign you just created from the Dashboard.


You can review your Campaign by checking the 'Last Run Date', # of Sent Emails, # of Responded Emails. You can also view the attached document and have the ability to 'Edit,Stop and Delete a Campaign. Inactive Campaigns should be located at the bottom of the Dashboard.