It's not uncommon to have adjustments mis-categorized in Dentrix. Several Dentrix software updates may have effected this without the user knowing.

The most common problem is to have all +ADJ placed under Production, and all   -ADJ placed under Collection. This increases Practice Optimizer's Adjusted Production to larger than it really is. It also increases Practice Optimizer's Collection to larger than it really is. 

It's important to categorize your adjustment types under their proper categories. There are very few real collection adjustments in Dentistry that would be increasing Collection.

Important Note: -ADJ under Collection will increase the Collection Total due to the fact that Collection is by nature a negative number (see above).

Another common mistake




on point 2. ours is procedure date only because Practice GPS Navigator was designed to provide actionable data and reporting at the patient level (procedure date level). It was not designed for accounting purposes. 

on point 3. we recommend practices putting production adjustments under the production and collection adjustments under collection (it's that simple really. a lot of customers aren't even aware how their adjustments are categorized) Dentrix Support and/or an Accountant should determine what adjustments should be production or collection


We have run into several cases where adjustments are being used in Dentrix, but have not yet been added to the Provider A/R Totals report.