Good morning…

You asked about my experience with SIKKA….and I am happy to report it is much more than I ever thought….

I was the CEO-President and chairman of the Board of Delta Dental of North Carolina and learned that the insurance world revolved around analytics…. essentially all the business world revolved around analytics. There were specific goals set by the analytics and the return on investment issues were always present.

Then I returned to private practice and attempted to run my dental office with the same level of analytics.  Surprisingly, only the banks understood what I was attempting to do.  It seems like I was speaking a foreign language when I spoke to dentists and suppliers. I even lectured regarding dental overhead as 100% - we can discuss this at another time.  But the business world and the dental world use the same terms but they mean different things. (Of course the dental suppliers like to keep the dentists in the dark about return on investment… they would go broke in any other business world.)

After years of working with my accountant and seeking the answer, I reach out to SIKKA for the ADA insurance evaluation (another part of my life with helping the dental society tame the insurance monster) , stumbled across the SIKKA analytic program…and viola…here is what I have been looking for - for the past five years. The KPIs make so much more sense.  In the weeks that I have owned it… I changed how the second dental assistant operates and are reconnecting with lost re-care patients... We have real goals, I have real numbers…things make sense!

I am busy working to add the QuickBooks part of SIKKA so we have some idea of what’s going on with the money going out of the office….

It has been enlightening, exciting and a true learning experience….

I have also learned if nothing more, I will be able to position the office so that one day when I am ready to retire…I have solid numbers regarding my practice and there won’t be this vague analysis to determine a fee for the practice…

Am I happy?  Ecstatic is perhaps a better word…..It has been truly a great experience and am looking forward to a long relationship with SIKKA

Looking forward to our conversations and expanding your user base!



Dr Bob Rosenthal