The reports Cornerstone uses for patient data are:


Animals Without Birthdates Report 

Animals Without Weight Report 

Birthday Report 

Census Report 

Checked-In Census Report 

Deceased Patient Report 

Initial Patient Setup Report 

Microchip ID Report 

Patient By Name Report 

Patient Diagnosis Report 

Patient History Report 

Patient Prompts Report 

Patient Visit List Report

Rabies Tag Report 

Reminder Letter Report 

Reminder Recall Report 

Reminder Report 

Tentative Medical Note Report 

Vaccine Tag Report 



The New Patients report tracks your new patients and can show you the patient's information: name, gender, birth date, pet status, first visit date , last visit date, breed, weight, rabies information and more.



There are many action items with using the New Patients report:


1. Tracking how well the practice captures new patient information - Ensure that new patient data is entered correctly and the practice owner can check by viewing this KPI report to track staff progress.

-Builds better communication and team work


2. Capturing weight - Can help the clinic with ensuring weight is captured on their first visit date and can track weight gain / loss for patients. This can help primarily with puppies and kittens that need weight based medication such as dewormer, flea medication, weight based prescriptions. This also applies for all patients.

- Practice better medicine


3. Ensuring rabies information is being logged in Cornerstone - Track and ensure if customers call in asking about rabies information, that the rabies information is logged correctly in the patient's file. Also, the practice can check if a new patient hasn't received a rabies vaccination, to come in to the practice and get their pet vaccinated.

- Increase revenue and compliance with Clients

- Practice better medicine


4. Track patients that are neutered or spayed - can send customers reminder cards on specials or neuter/spay opportunities.

 - Increase revenue and compliance with Clients



How to get to "New Patients"

Click on KPIs, then Hospital KPIs and view the New Patient KPI.