Before running the SPC configuration, make sure you can log in to Dentrix Enterprise with your credential information for verification.

Login to Dentrix, select the Clinic ID, then click on ‘Sign In'.

If Dentrix credential information is accurate, you should be able to view the Dentrix Office Manager page.  This will verify that the ‘User ID’ and ‘Password’ you used are valid.


The SPC Data Path should be defaulted to ‘Dentrix’.  Enter the correct ‘PMS User Name’ and ‘PMS Password’ for Dentrix, then click ‘Apply’.
**** For Dentrix Enterprise this step is required.  You must enter valid credentials ****

If Dentrix Application is ‘NOT’ present on the server, click the icon and select the correct SQL server instance, then click on ‘Apply’.

(Note: You may need to check with a network support person for the practice of the correct SQL server Instance location)


How to Determine if Dentrix DB is the correct SQL DB location (Instance)

To determine if you have the correct SQL Server Instance, login to the main SQL Server directly. 

Step 1. Go to Start> Click on SQL Server Management Studio.

Step 2: Select ‘Database Engine’ for Server Type. Select PRACTICEMS-DB1 for the Server Name. Select ‘SQL Server Authentication’ then enter the credential information.

Step 3: To determine you have the correct Dentrix DB, you should be able to see ‘Dentrix’ under ‘Databases’.

Step 4: You can expand ‘Dentrix System Tables’ to see the actual DB.

The SPC window should pop up the ‘Data Refreshed Successfully’ message will appear.

Validate if data is up to date in Practice Optimizer by selecting any KPIs. Select the current day for ‘Date Range’. If you see data, then the SPC is parsing properly.


SPC Configuration for Practice Optimizer Consultant & Enterprise Model

 1. Click on ‘Settings’> Account Details> ‘Add/View Multiple Accounts’.

 2. Select Individual Master Customer ID to edit.

 3. Enter PMS User ID and PMS Password and click on ‘Update’.

 4. Once PMS User ID and Password are entered for the individual Master Customer ID, click 'Close', then run a manual refresh again. 

 5. Validate Data in Practice Optimizer.