Different reports in Eaglesoft are designed to match and some are not.  Even if they are not designed to match, there may be times that they will have the same values based on whether or not there were deletions, adjustments, or edits. 


In addition to deletions, adjustments, edits, etc., ensure that the reports are being filtered for the same date range.  See Report Date Filter Options and Definitions - FAQ 21863 for more information.

Reconciling Collections
Collections Reconciliation, Day Sheet, Provider Productivity, Deposit Report, Payment Reconciliation

Reconciling Production
Production Reconciliation, Day Sheet, Provider Productivity, Provider History, Procedures by Provider 

Reconciling Adjustments
Adjustments Reconciliation, Day Sheet, Provider Productivity, Adjustments by Type 

Reconciling A/R
A/R by Provider - Detailed, A/R by Provider - Summary, A/R by Responsible Party, Snapshot - Accounts Receivable, Day Sheet

Reconciling Deposit Reports
Deposit Report, Deposit Report with Itemized Cash, Secondary Deposit Report