Optimizer Classic data can be verified using the Provider A/R Totals report in Dentrix.

You can run this report in Dentrix:

  • Click on the Office Manager icon
  • Click on Reports
  • Under Reports click Management
  • The select Provider A/R Totals
  • Select the date range (Last month or month-to-date are good samples)
  • Select Procedure Date (all our reports are based on procedure date)
  • Check the box for "Include Adjustment Types List"

  • Select the report listed in the Batch Processor
  • Click on the preview button to display the report on your screen

Note: It may take a few minutes to load the report. 

This report itemizes and lists positive and negative adjustments for both Production and Collection. The practice totals for the date range selected will be at the bottom of the chart, and each provider will be listed by ID in each chart row.

The Provider A/R Totals report in Dentrix will show totals for each column of adjustments for Production and Collection. These numbers will be different than your Day Sheet from Dentrix (which just shows totals for Charges, Payments, total credits, and total debits). The Day Sheet does NOT show you how the adjustments are categorized and assigned to affect Production and Collection values. The Provider A/R Totals report does show you that detail.

The adjustments for each category (Production and Collection) affect the numbers in very different ways, as you can see in the below example for Collection.

The boxes underneath the chart indicate every positive and negative adjustment type for each category (Production and Collection). It’s common to have adjustments placed under the wrong category. It should be a best practice to review these regularly to ensure everything is where it should be. The good news is: it’s relatively easy to fix.

Note: General rules to follow for categorizing your adjustment types correctly is:

Under Production Adjustments: include all courtesies, discounts, insurance write-offs, and additional charges that would affect what the patient or insurance owes (or will actually pay for).

Under Collection Adjustments: include all refunds, fees you pay, and bad debt write-offs only. Basically, any monies you take in, or payout, or want to consider as income (like bad debt write-offs).


When running the Provider A/R Totals report in Dentrix there’s a button that you can click to review and set how your adjustment types affect both Production and Collection.

Note: Remember when verifying this report with Sikka’s data; make sure you select the Procedure Date option. Data in Sikka software was designed to be used at the transactional, procedural, and patient levels – it was not designed for CPAs and accountants who would prefer general reporting by Entry Date.

This is the screen where you can categorize your adjustments under Production and Collection in Dentrix.  You can navigate here after clicking on the Adjustment Types button when running the Provider A/R Totals report. Here, you can move adjustment types back and forth between Production and Collection. It’s recommended to do this with a Dentrix Trainer or Consultant, after getting advice on which adjustments should affect Production and Collection respectively. Typically Collection adjustments are money actually going in or coming out, or bad debt you want to be counted as income. Typically Production adjustments are anything that is adjusting the charge(s) that you don't expect to collect from a patient(s).

Here's a great video from DentalPracticeCoaching.com with a great explanation of the problem and how to fix it:



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