Login with your User ID and password.
Click on the “Campaigns” tab and the “campaign” sub-tab then click on “Create”

The color types indicate the different types of campaign:

  • Red/Blue - Marketing

  • Orange - Reminders

  • Green - survey

Once you select your campaign, dependant on the type of campaign you will see a second pop window.

(This only affects Red/Blue, Orange campaign types)


First, you'll select the method of communication for your campaign.



Red/Blue - Marketing:

Select you're the frequency of your email campaign.

Orange - Reminders:

you will be asked to set a date range for when to send campaign before patient's scheduled appointment.

Once you have selected your method and selected your frequency, You'll get to the "select template" window.
After you have selected your template to send to your customers, click on the “Edit this Template” button.

to customize your template.


  • Once completed, click "Save & continue". You will brought to the the "Select Audience".

 Once you have customized your seleceted audience by adding Patients Filters, click "Select this list" button.

 You will get a warning message, letting you know that an active patient today could become inactive in the future & eventually drop off from this list. 

 Click Continue, Then set scheduled frequency for your campaign. Click Save.

 Another pop up window will show called Program Name. Here you'll name your campaign. Click Done to go to the last window.

You will now see the last window Review. Before sending your campaign by checking the method type of communication, audience, and template.


Finally after review campaign, click Active campaign. You'll campiagn will be sent after.