This is from an actual Live Chat session with Chris (one of our Customer Success agents). The names, and some words, have been changed to protect the innocent and the PG rating.


Albert: my sikka icon is saying there are critical issues found. I am currently refreshing data. just checking in to see if anything else is needed.

Chris: Would it be okay if I connect and check?

Albert: sure. 

​​Chris: There should be a copy of TeamViewer running on the PC. I need the 9 digit ID from TeamViewer. 

Albert: id is 555 555 555 

Chris: Thanks. Just a sec. (I connected using TV)

Chris: I will take control of the mouse now...okay? (He kept moving the mouse)

Albert: sure 

Chris: (I found a data path and login issue)​ Need to enter the Dentrix login into this utility. (Opened the SPC and had him enter his login details)

Chris: Thanks. (Saved and started refreshing. No errors this time.)

Chris: Looks good. Just let it refresh and complete. If you have any issues just chat with me again. Okay? (No response for a couple of minutes. Figured he stepped away from his PC)

Chris: I disconnected from your PC. 

Chris: Thanks for chatting with us. Have we resolved your question(s)? 

Albert: Yes 

Albert: you definitely seem to know your s#@t!!! 

Albert: thanks chris!!! 

Chris: I! 

Chris: Have a great day. 

Albert: you too sir!! 

Albert: refreshed just fine and dandy!! 

Albert: no more issues. 

Albert: goo day to you sir!!! 

Chris: Great! Enjoy. 

Albert: enjoy your adult beverage(s) this weekend!! 

Albert: lol 

Chris: :)

(Live Chat ended.)