1. Monthly Practice Details Report

This report can help guarantee you reach your practice goals by setting a "checkpoint" period. You can track the practice's performance in a year-over-year view to see if you reached the "checkpoint" half way through the month. You can quickly spot if you're exceeding or falling short of your target goal, so you can put a strategy in place proactively



2. New Patients/ New Clients

These two Key performance indicators  are located in the KPIs, Hospital KPIs section. They are great to look at to see your yearly growth points (new patients and clients). You can also see your target goals set for the practice.



3. Retention Rate

According to this article by the AVMA, the retention rate should be above 74%. This KPI helps achieve that goal by showing the current performance trend for your practice to help you make efficient and impactful data driven decisions



4. Veterinarian KPIs

These Key Performance Indicators help you track veterinarian performance and compare productivity between new associates, relief, part time, or temporarily Doctors. Click here to maximize the use of the Veterinarian KPIs



You now have the knowledge of practice and provider performance in under 20 minutes using only 4 features in Optimizer Classic!