How To Create DSN In Pervasive When Data Won't Refresh

Pervasive is the back end of PracticeWorks and is used to create the DSN in the Pervasive Control Center. The process of creating and configuring the DSN in the Pervasive Control Center is as follows:

First Check if the data is on Server/network drive or on local machine.

If it is on Server or network drive, create the DSN on Server. Otherwise create it on local machine for local path.

Open the Pervasive Control Center and Documentation from the Start menu as shown below:


The following window will open:


In the Engine tab, you will find the registered Machine Name and Databases. If the Machine Name is not registered, then you have to register the Machine Name first as follows:

Right click on Engine -> New -> Server and enter the machine name (you will find the machine name by right clicking on My Computer), then click Finish.


Once the Machine is registered, you have to register the Database as follows:

Right click on registered Machine Name (here it is NT-FS1) -> New -> Database 

It will show the following dialog box. Provide the Database Name as Sikka and enter the data path in the Location field. You can copy the data path from the SPC and paste here. Click Finish.

NOTE:  The database name must be Sikka


If the data is in the network, then it may ask you for the login details. If you don’t have login details or if there is a problem accessing data from the network drive, then please create DSN on Server.

Enter the correct User Name and Password and click OK. It will create the database named Sikka.


To verify, expand the Sikka database tab, then expand the Tables. If tables are present, double click on any table name and check whether it is showing data. See the following screen shot:

If you are able to see data in the tables, refresh the data via the SPC. It will extract the data from all tables automatically.