Installing the Sikka Platform Cloud (SPC) Utility On the Server

1. Click "Edit" to configure the Practice Management System Configuration

  • Name: Denticon
  • Version: Web
  • Data Path: Data (folder created to store Denticon data) (i.e. C:\Users\Tami\AppData\Local\SSCService\Data)

2. During the initial install, you'll want to either delay the refresh for later or cancel out of the data refresh process by closing the window. You'll need to create the data path, and request the data download from Planet DDS Denticon first before completing a data refresh. 


Locating the Folder to Store/Refresh Data

1. Right click on the SikkaSoft Platform Utility (SPC) desktop icon (below) and select Properties.

2. Click on the Open File Location button.

3. Find the folder named "Data". Note: This is where you will be placing the files from the Denticon Download later. Make sure that this folder's file path is set up as the Data Path in the SPC utility.


Requesting the Data Download from Planet DDS Denticon

1. Open web browser and go to URL:  This will display the Client Login screen for Planet DDS Denticon.

2. Enter the Username and Password and click "Login".

3. In the navigation bar, go to Utilities and select Denticon Download in the drop-down menu. 

4. It will display the "as of" date that will be included in the data set. Note: Data from the current day, or that would be after that date, won't be included in the next data refresh. 

5. Click "Schedule Download" in order to request the data as of the date shown. Note: This is best done after the close of the current day, and before 12:00am when the data download becomes available for download.

After submitting a Schedule Download request successfully, you will receive a confirmation message and the time when the data download will be available (typically this is after 12:00AM the next morning).

6. To download the data when it becomes available (after 12:00am), go to Utilities and select Denticon Download from the drop-down list (as outlined above). You will see a message that your data is ready for download. Click the Download button. Note: The data download is protected by a password (it will be the same password used to Login to Planet DDS Denticon).

(i.e {F9B8D8XX-1FXX-4EDD-94XX-A766F747XXXX}.zip)

7. Extract and copy all the files to the Data folder. Note: Confirm the old data files were replaced with the new data files. If a brand new install, you will have to create this folder, and there will be no data in it yet.

8. Copy and paste the .txt files from the Denticon Download into the Data folder. Note: The DPO.db and the dpo.mdb files should always be there, and never be erased.

9. Click the Refresh button in the SPC Service Status screen. 


Verifying the Data Path for Planet DDS Denticon Installs

1. Locate the path on Sikka Practice Cloud Utility (SPC) under service status tab (below).