In this document you'll find detailed steps for the installation of the Sikka Utility on the computer that runs your Practice Management Software (PMS). For your security & HIPAA compliance, we've implemented stronger encryption & two-factor authentication - which necessitates using a unique 6-digit code associated to your account & PMS. This code can be re-used as many times as necessary as long as it's your same account & your same PMS. This code is available from your Practice Mobilizer smartphone app (downloaded onto your smart phone). Once installed, the Sikka Utility will securely ensure automated communication between your application and your PMS. At any point in the process, should you require further assistance, please contact Sikka Customer Success at 866-856-7119 (Option 2 for Customer Success) or open a support request here on


• In order to complete the installation of the Sikka Utility, you'll be asked for the required confirmation of ownership via two-factor authentication
• A unique practice authentication code is available from your Practice Mobilizer app on your smart phone: it's prominently displayed within a card on the app’s main tab (scroll down to find it)

• Note: this code is unique and cannot be reused with another PMS except yours
• Enter the 6-digit code form your Practice Mobilizer smart phone app into Sikka Utility Installer (as shown)
• Select “Next” to proceed with the install

• Sikka Utility will auto-detect the correct path location for your PMS
• Verify your PMS information when prompted, including your PMS user name and password
• Click “Next” to continue

• The installation will take a few minutes to complete
• During this time feel free to browse our Marketplace of partner apps, products, and services. Click on any of the thumbnail images to be redirected to  (this will not affect the installation process going on in the background)

• Click “Done” to close the Sikka Utility and complete the installation process
• At this point, your registration is complete
• Any question? Assistance is available to you 24/7 at


For a download & printable PDF version click the attached file below.