Before You Begin: Please verify your practice management system is compatible with Dental Collect Enterprise.

1: To start the installation process, open a web browser and navigate to…
NOTE: Chrome or Firefox is recommended.

2: Click on Create My Account.

3: Enter your desired email address and practice phone number and click on the Next button.

NOTE: We suggest using a practice email address and not an individual email address. Encase you need to provide these login details to another staff member.

NOTE: If you receive the message below, your email address is already registered with Sikka Software. You can click on the link to sign in using that email address or try another email address and proceed.

4: On this next screen confirm your email address and enter a desired password. Also fill in your practice details and click Next.

NOTE: Your password must be at least eight characters long, with one uppercase letter, one lower case letter, a number, and a special character. Example: P@ssW0rd

NOTE: If this is a multi-location practice these details will be for your first practice. Any additional locations will be added in the next screen.

5: On this screen you can see your first location you just added.

6: To add an additional location click on the Add New Practice button then fill out the requested fields.

Once you have filled out the next locations details click Add. The next screen will display your newly added location. You can continue to add locations then click Next to proceed.

7: Click on Install Sikka Platform Utility. This will download the installer to your PC.

NOTE: The utility can be installed on a workstation but we strongly recommend installing directly on your practice management system server. The utility will refresh at 2am by default unless changed. We recommend installing the software on a PC that will not shut down at night.

8: Locate the downloaded file and open it.

NOTE: We recommend being logged in as an administrator account in Windows.

9: Once the installer opens, please enter your Email ID and Password you created earlier. Then click Login to continue.

10: Select the practice you wish to install the utility for and click Next.

11: The installer will now try to automatically locate you practice management software and configure the Name and Data Path.

If it does not locate your software or it is incorrect, click on the Edit button. The PMS Configuration window will appear and here you can select your correct software details.

NOTE: Please do not setup your financial system (Quickbooks, Sage, XERO) in this utility. Dental Collect Enterprise does not use your financial software. If the utility automatically locates your financial system, please click Edit and deselect it to continue. Then click Select.

If you practice management software requires a username and password to login, please also enter those details on this screen. Click Install to continue.

12: The installer will now download the utility to your PC.

13: Then it will be installed.

14: Once installed the installer will prompt to Delay Refresh or Refresh Now. Select Refresh Now if you wish to pull the data at this time. Select Delay Refresh if you wish to have it start at the next schedule time.

NOTE: If you choose to delay the refresh, Dental Collect Enterprise will not have data until the next scheduled refresh time.
15: When the initial refresh completes the click Finish. The installer will close.

NOTE: Wait about 15 minutes after the refresh completes before you log into Dental Collect Enterprise for the first time. This will allow our servers to process your data.

17: Go back to your browser and select Finish.

18: This will bring you to the Login page. Please enter your Email ID and Password and click Login.

19: In this screen you will enter the Client Numbers for each practice. You can also change the practice name in the New Practice Name section to better locate each practice once logged in. After you enter the details click Save.

20: You are now logged into Dental Collect Enterprise. Enjoy!



Support Center (Online Client Portal):


Phone: (877) 253-3074