Henry Schein has changed the way third-party software talks to the Dentrix database in version 16.2 and above. This article will explain how the new process works. It is very simple and easy to implement during the standard installation process.


1: Install the SikkaSoft Platform Cloud as you normally would as shown in our "Getting Started" section.

2: During the installation determine what type of setup your Dentrix has. Password protected or not.


NOTE: There are two methods of connecting the SikkaSoft Platform Cloud to Dentrix 16.2 and above. If you open Dentrix and it requires a username and password then just place those in the "Data path and version" section like normal. If you open Dentrix and it does not require a username and password then the Dentrix Pass Phrase must be entered into the "PMS Password" field.

Then proceed with the install as normal.

3: When the software preforms its first refresh this window may appear.


Type in your Dentrix Pass Phrase for the database and select "Yes". This will authorize our software to connect to your Dentrix database.

4: Complete the install as normal.