Got data?
Often more than any veterinary practice manager or hospital owner needs at any given time.
The volume of data coming from the PIMS, alone, can be overwhelming.
Have you ever felt bogged-down in the minutiae of software programs or become frustrated with fragmented
reporting options? I know I have.
Identifying which data are truly necessary can be best clarified when we begin with the correct objectives. Our
objectives and goals will reveal the most important metrics for each unique veterinary hospital. All KPIs are
metrics, but not all metrics should be your hospital’s KPIs.
And this is where Sikka Software’s Optimizer Classic® truly shines.
These are a few of my favorite things:
1. Automatic Data Extraction because it negates the task of continually, month-after- month, exporting data
out of the PIMS and into Excel. This saves time -- our most precious resource. A side benefit is that it also
removes any worries about corrupt data or incorrect formulas lurking in the cells of our spreadsheets. With
Optimizer Classic, you can replace many of your spreadsheets with Sikka’s user-friendly dashboard where the
math has already been done and your actionable insights are clearly presented.
2. The “Morning Meeting Report” because this consolidated report arrives via email every morning providing
a pretty good idea of what went on or ‘what went down’ yesterday at each hospital. This is not about
micromanaging. It is about quickly monitoring business vitals. This report also provides consolidated sections
for at-a- glance previous week’s and month-to- date metrics.
Combining the use of color with a logical layout, it’s immediately apparent if the hospital is on target to reach
their goals for gross revenue, new client acquisition, and more. The report also provides a quick view of
accounts receivable, which is one of those metrics that can creep in the wrong direction when viewed only on
your Balance Sheet, and only at month-end.
3. The At-a- Glance Last Working Day’s Quick Stats Report that arrives via text message every morning
and shows yesterday’s production revenue and number of pets seen.
4. The Sikka Team. As it is with most things in life, it’s the people who make the difference. It’s the quality of,
and relationship with, the people who are standing behind the products or services. In my experience, not only
is the Sikka Team wicked-smart, they are open to suggestion pursuant to customizing the metrics, ratios, KPIs,
and KFIs applicable to the unique needs of veterinary hospital owners and managers.
Leanne Rumsey
Consultant, teacher, author, and former animal hospital administrator