We’re sure you want to have the best experience possible with your new product, and getting accurate data is a big part of that. Here are a few easy steps to ensure the Sikka Platform Cloud utility (SPC), which is installed on your computer to read your practice management software, is performing optimally:

  • Leave the computer on at all times - The computer where the SPC is installed should be kept “powered on” during the scheduled refresh time (2:00 AM). 

  • Ensure access to the database server - Your Practice Management System database server must always be accessible by our SPC during the scheduled refresh time. 

  • Ensure the computer has internet access - The SPC requires an internet connection at all times. 

  • Allow the SPC to run on a secure computer - Occasionally a firewall or antivirus program blocks the SPC during the refresh time. Make sure our SPC file is added to the “white list” of approved programs. 

  • Notify Sikka about software upgrades - When planning on upgrading or changing your practice management software or operating system, please inform your Sikka Customer Success Manager about the changes by calling 866-856-7119 (Option 2 for Customer Success), or send us a support ticket at sikkasoftware.freshdesk.com.