To open the Access.Log file:

  • Locate the SikkaSoft Platform utility icon on the Desktop
  • Right-click on the Icon
  • From the Context menu select "Open File Location" for Windows Vista and later or "Properties" for Windows XP and earlier.

 Vista or later:

XP and earlier:


  • Then click the "Open File Location" button


  • Next, locate the "Logs" Folder. Double-click on the "Logs" folder


  • Double-click on the Access.Log file to open it



Common Log Entries


Every 5 minutes the Windows Service checks if the SPC us running. In the event it is not, the Windows Service will attempt to launch the parser if it is time for a scheduled refresh. The entries below appear in every access log and indicate normal operation.



At the scheduled refresh time the lines seen below will be entered in the log file. The lines will be slightly different depending on the Practice Management System. The example below is for Dentrix.



After the refresh starts, status updates will be entered in the log file indicating when the parser starts and completes pulling date from a table. Lines like the ones below will appear in the log. This indicates normal operation.


After the data is extracted from the source database and parsing is complete, the data is uploaded to our Cloud. As seen in the below example, if data has not changed since the last refresh, the upload will be skipped.



Once the upload is complete, updates will be sent to Support Portal and the refresh will end with checking for any additional accounts that are configured. The below example only has one account. If there were more accounts, the process will loop and repeat for each additional account configured in our SPC. This setting is primarily used for pulling data from two different Practice Management Systems for the same client (like old data and new data) if the practice is transitioning from one PMS to another (e.g. Dentrix to Eaglesoft).