There are a couple of reasons you might request Sikka Software to review whether or not we can read your Practice Management Software(s):

  • Your practice(s) are using a Practice Management Software that we aren't currently compatible with
  • Your practice(s) are planning on updating (or recently updated) to a newer version of your Practice Management Software

The compatibility review is free, but there may be a cost associated with actually building the compatibility. Ask your Customer Success Manager for more info on costs and the process.

When implementing Sikka Software, and/or when troubleshooting a support request like this, a Customer Success Manager may ask to install Team Viewer (a remote connection tool) and/or get the Team Viewer ID and Password, ask for an admin-level Practice Management Software username and password, and a Windows Username and Password. We can use other methods of remote connection if required by your IT (such as and RDC), but we've found Team Viewer works best.

Having these 3 pieces of information will ensure the best experience using your App:

  1. Team Viewer (remote connection tool): ID and Password Install Team Viewer Guide
  2. Practice Management Software: Username and Password
  3. Windows: Username and Password

This helps you in the following ways:

  • Quicker response & resolutions to your support requests
  • Receive better services that ensure accuracy
  • More consistent delivery of automated reporting
  • Getting the best on-demand data

Concerned about security? We abide by the strictest standards of protection and security:

  • HIPAA and HITECH compliant regarding any/all protected health information: HIPAA Policy
  • Access to your system is never required - only with your consent

You can submit all of this information securely at and we'll notify you by email with an update within 24 hours.