The data refresh should run at the scheduled time, provided there are no issues with the environment, utility configuration, etc. There are cases where the refresh does not run as expected even though no other issues are present. To start, Check if there is a Windows username and password entered in the utility. 

1) Open the utility and click on the Settings Tab to the left

2) Click on the Service Settings tab at the top right

3) On the screen we have a field for the Windows User Name and Windows Password. By default, the username should be set to Sikkauser and the password is randomly generated. If nothing is entered in these fields, enter a valid Windows username and password.

Next, check if the Sikkauser account is active

1) Click Start

2) In the search box at the bottom of the Start Menu type "Computer Management"

3) Click on the "Computer Management" search result

1) From the Computer Management Window, Click on the expand arrow next to "Local Users and Groups" on the left

2) Click on the "Users" Folder on the left

3) Double-click on "Sikkauser"

From the Properties screen "Password never expires" should be the only box checked. Un-check any other options

The Sikkauser account may have been disabled or the password has expired. 

1) From the Computer Management window, right-click on Sikka user and select "Set password..."

2) In the set password dialogue box enter a new password

Note: This password should also be entered on the Service Setting Screen in the SPC

Next, check if the Windows username and password are set in the Windows service

1) Click on Start

2) Type "Services" in the search box at the bottom

3) Click on the "Services" search result 

1) In the Services window scroll down to the "SSC Windows Service"

2) Right-click on the "SSC Windows Service"

3) Select Properties

1) from the Properties windows click on the "Log On" tab at the top

2) Click the radio button for "this account

3) Enter the Windows username

4) Enter the Windows password

5) Click the Apply button at the bottom of the window

1) Click the General tab at the top

2) Click the Stop Button, then wait for the Service Status to update

3) Click the Start button

Note: The service will start successfully if the Windows username and password are valid

Now the Data Refresh should run automatically at the scheduled time